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Maverick 18 HPX-V

Length: 18'-4"
Beam: 6'-8"
Draft: 9" W/Yamaha F150
Weight: 1400lbs w/Yamaha F150
Fuel Capacity: 29 gal.
Power: 150 HP Max

The ultimate guide boat or three person technical poling skiff.
Designed for the angler who likes to throw the cast net almost as much as the fly rod, the new Mirage 18 HPX is the most versatile technical poling skiff ever developed.

Whether pushing into a stiff breeze chasing tailing permit, poling in an afternoon chop looking for migrating tarpon or chumming backcountry potholes with a livewell full of whitebait, this boat solidly delivers.

Stable yet responsive on the pole, the 18 HPX has the range and speed of larger engine packages without sacrificing draft.

No compromises.
No limits.


Maverick 17 HPX-S

Length: 17'-8
Beam: 6'-2
Draft: 6
Weight: 1050lbs w/Yamaha F70
Fuel Capacity: 19 gal.
Power: 70 HP Max

The most complete super skinny water tool ever developed.
The revolutionary skiff that has cracked the code of sacrificing running comfort, range and poling performance for the sake of getting super shallow. The 17 HPX-S’s one of a kind hull combines the knowledge of the most experienced skiff designing team in the business, the latest in CAD designed naval architecture, and advanced aeronautic technologies. The result is a skiff that floats in less than 6″ inches of water, drives like a sports car while keeping its occupants exceptionally dry and comfortable, and poles with precision and complete stealth. Sounds too good to be true? It was until now.


Maverick 17 HPX-V

Length: 16'-9
Beam: 6'-3
Draft: 8
Weight: 1150 w/Yamaha F70
Fuel Capacity: 23 gal.
Power: 90 HP Max

More tournament wins and grand slams than any other.
Since it’s introduction, the 17 HPX-V has been the measuring stick for every technical poling skiff. Deadly quiet, precise on the pole and with an open water running capability that never ceases to amaze, this skiff is the choice of anglers who demand complete performance in the toughest and most technically challenging poling situations. Now with a new deck layout, the 17 HPX-V II has more storage that is even drier and easier to access. Plus, the hull is now lighter and even better balanced to perfectly match everything from a F70 to a F115. The best just got better.