By: Mike and Jennifer Vazquez (Cutler Bay, FL)

Written By:  cws-admin August 30, 2017 at 9:47 pm

I would like to say a little something about Boat Center Miami and their staff. I started going to Boat Center about 7 years ago. I had heard of them through the boating grapevine and drove past their boat display many times until one day I walked in and looked at the boats and met Doug Tellam. Every so often after that day I would stop in and chat with Doug about the different boats. I probably did this for close to two years always telling him I would one day buy a boat from him. I finally bought a used 31′ Contender from Boat Center five years ago and had it for about a year. During that time I really got to see what they were all about. Their prompt friendly service and honest advice gave me the confidence to move on to a much bigger purchase… a new Grady White Express 330 which we still have and enjoy 4 years later!

I can’t say enough about the support that I have had from them and the friends that I have made of all of the staff at Boat Center. Once a year during the summer Boat Center puts on a family weekend getaway to Bimini and it’s so much fun that my kids ask me why they don’t have more of them since summer vacation is so long. When I tell my boating friends that I am married to Boat Center there is a good reason why… They always stand behind you, I don’t feel that we are on opposite sides of the counter because I always walk past the counter and into the service area to say hi to everyone. I feel like it’s my own store when I’m there.

The attached picture is of us on our 33′ Grady White in Bimini during a weekend getaway.